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Bekament has a completely complete production cycle of materials for finishing works in construction, starting from the removal of the famous Venecian marble from its own mine in Venčac, through processing, grinding into granules and micronized fillers, to the production of liquid and powdered materials for finishing works in construction. We manufacture our products on state-of-the-art equipment and with the highest quality of labor, and we install in our facilities. Bekament builds its business success, develops and enhances the satisfaction and motivation of users and all employees by meeting its strategic goals.

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JUB Group is an international company which now comprises twelve branches and operates in more than twenty foreign markets.
The JUB Group employs 569 people, of which 343 are in Slovenia and 226 in other members of the group (as of January 31, 2014). We have two production plants in Slovenia and Serbia. We sell and sell 75% of the products under our own brand in other markets "We will become the leading manufacturer of paints and façade systems in the region of central and south-western Europe. We will offer our customers unique and complete solutions focused on sustainable construction, energy efficiency and environmental responsibility."


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With over 60 years of successful business, we have gained a very extensive experience in construction. We are known as specialists in the production of high quality products in the field of building chemistry. All our products meet the standards that are in line with the existing standards of the European Union.
We quickly and efficiently adapt our offer to the requirements and needs of our customers. During the execution of the works, we actively participate with our own laboratory equipment and technical support service. With the help of foreign experts and institutes, our knowledge is constantly being upgraded

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I nside the facade of the house, or the building had aesthetic purpose, the dilemma concerned how to beautify the object and protect it from atmospheric influences.



Facades for buildings and other buildings have a very important role in planning and building. Facade is the face of every building, and for this reason, the facade as well as every person should be attractive.



In the sales range are the products of the world's leading manufacturers in their field.
By this choice, we provide high quality goods, which makes customers very satisfied!


Mark Trade is a company founded in 1998. It deals with the sale of paints, varnishes, lacquers, facades, insulating materials, molar-paintwork tools used in construction finishing works.

It deals with the sale of paints, varnishes, lacquers, facades, insulating materials, molar-paintwork tools used in construction finishing works.

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Our main task is to provide as wide assortment and affordable prices as possible with standard product quality.